Different types of machinery are required for the manufacture of parts made of various materials and for different applications, and on this occasion we want to answer a question that you have probably asked yourself before: what is the purpose of CNC machining?

CNC machining centres are equipment used to manufacture parts, and they stand out for their high performance and precision. Through a computer, the movements that the CNC machine must carry out are programmed in order to mould the piece according to the needs; and even several actions can be carried out on the same piece.

With CNC machining, high precision is achieved in the finishing of the parts

If there is one reason why this type of processing is so successful, it is because with CNC machining, high precision in the finishing of the parts is achieved.

Because they are guided by a computer, the CNC centres can carry out all kinds of movements around the parts, in different directions, depths, etc. It is without a doubt a quality option for manufacturing and/or modifying all types of parts; whether in small, medium or large production runs.


Several exact units of the same piece

Thanks to the precision achieved with the CNC, several exact units can be made from the same piece.

In many occasions, for example for machines, cars, accessories… it is necessary a specific machinery that allows to make completely equal pieces. And this is the ideal solution.


Parts made of different materials

The CNC centres can be used to manufacture parts made of different materials, such as steel and stainless steel, aluminium, copper or plastic, among others.

This makes it a very widespread technique in different sectors of the telecommunications industry, the railway sector, the automotive sector, in engineering…


Different CNC machining techniques can be applied as needed

With these centres, different CNC machining techniques can be applied as required in each case, such as casting or stamping products or partial CNC machining of parts.

Depending on whether a part has to be produced or not, there are different CNC centres for using a more or less complex technique, for example 3 or 5 axis, or CNC lathes; it depends on the part to be produced.

And another thing that is achieved through CNC machining is the manufacture of prototypes, which is very economical and allows a great saving of time when manufacturing final parts.


Now you know what is the purpose of CNC machining. If you need a great CNC machining service like Talleres MAF, you only have to contact our team. We are waiting for you!