Manufacture of electrical material

We are specialists in manufacturing electrical material since 1985; we have extensive experience in creating solutions for electricity distribution.

We have the highest quality raw materials, the best machinery and the best professionals for the production of a wide variety of electrical products; We offer grounding material, aluminium connectors, copper connectors, bimetal connectors, housings and parts for electric motors.

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Our catalogue of
electrical products

Our catalogue of electrical products, suitable for medium and high voltage,as well as of our own manufacture, includes different options so that each client finds the solution that best suits their needs.

Advantages of having
our electrical products manufacturing service

The advantages of having our electrical products manufacturing service are multiple.

Quality, safety and reliability

The quality of our products is the reason why every day our company is chosen by a large number of professionals. And it is that the security and reliability that we transmit through our electrical products, allows them to carry out with success and total guarantee, all kinds of electricity projects.

Close and trustworthy treatment

Our team offers each client a close and trustworthy treatment, because above all for us, people are our top priority.

Personalized advice

We have an exclusive personalized advisory service, through which we help our clients find the best solution for their project; we manufacture the electrical products that our client needs through the best production processes and with the highest quality materials.

Speed and agility

We work quickly and agilely, we adapt to the times required by our clients, and we coordinate our team to deliver the parts within the previously established deadline.

Cost savings

With our solutions, cost savings are achieved, since we avoid intermediaries, and our clients benefit from electrical products that they know will be 100% adjusted to their needs.

Grounding material

We work to offer a wide variety of grounding material, such as electrical connectors, power connectors, connectors for connecting electrical cables, junction boxes, grounding clips, copper rods and accessories.

Aluminium connectors

We manufacture multiple aluminium connectors with high quality raw materials, specially selected from the best suppliers in the market to ensure maximum efficiency.

Copper connectors

In our factory we make copper connectors so that professionals from different industrial sectors can have a product adapted to their needs and of the best quality.

Bimetal connectors

We have different bimetal connectors, made with high quality materials and through demanding processes to assure our clients that they acquire a reliable and effective product for their projects.

Housings and parts for electric motors

We manufacture various types of housings and parts for electric motors, for which we use carefully selected plastic components. Our designs adapt to the needs of each of our clients, providing them with a customized product.

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