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Manufacturers of medium and high voltage electrical distribution material

Talleres MAF

Talleres MAF is a CNC machining company that, since we began our professional career in 1985, we have not stopped offering effective and quality solutions.

Empresa de Mecanizados CNC
Empresa de soldadura por hilo
Fabricantes de material eléctrico de distribución de media y alta tensión

Talleres MAF, developing together since 1985

We are a team of professionals who develop different solutions to cover the different needs of all our clients; we have specialized in CNC machining, brass, aluminium and iron casting, metal stamping and deformation, and hardware fabrication and welding.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of machinery to help our clients carry out their projects in complete safety and achieving exceptional finishes.

Our Services

Our services are designed by a group of specialists with extensive experience, to meet the needs of as many clients as possible.

We work in different sectors in the industry in general, including:

Sector Distribución eléctrica

Electrical distribution

Sector Ferrocarril


Sector Vehículos eléctricos

Electric vehicles

CNC Machining

Through our CNC machining service we manufacture different metallic parts by metal shaving. For this, we have specialized machinery, such as lathes and high-end technology CNC centers to achieve top-quality finishes.

To complement this, we offer our metal casting and metal stamping services.

On the other hand, we adapt to the requirements of each client, and manufacture products from scratch, with the necessary specifications and characteristics. We have a team of specialized technicians with extensive experience, who develop all kinds of projects, from small, medium series to large parts productions.

Servicio Mecanizados CNC

See CNC Machining

Servicio Soldadura por hilo
Wire welding

We are specialists in wire welding, we carry out this process with great precision and professionalism.

Our technicians perform this type of welding manually, for the manufacture of small series of parts, or through automatic processes in the case of the production of large series.

We manufacture pequeñas estructuras metálicas, as well as small and medium metal hardware.

See View Wire Welding

Manufacture of electrical material

In Talleres MAF we want to reach the maximum number of clients, that is why we have an area specialized in the manufacture of electrical material.

We offer a wide range of solutions, such as grounding material, aluminium connectors, bronze connectors, bimetal connectors, housings and parts for electric motors.

Servicio Fabricación de material eléctrico

See Manufacture of electrical material


In Talleres MAF we work with the best machinery to provide our services of CNC Machining, Wire Welding and Electrical Material Manufacturing. We have Machining Centres, CNC Lathes, Welding Machines, Shears, Measuring Machines and Presses. All of them allow us to offer the maximum quality and efficiency.

Máquina soldadora
Prensa Gamei
Robot de soldadura
Torno CNC Okuma

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