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We are specialists in CNC machining in Spain; we have high-performance equipment, including lathes and CNC centers; with which we achieve unmatched precision and quality.

Our CNC Machining Service

To offer our CNC machining service we have different CNC machining centers; some of which are double pallet and 4th axis to machine highly complex products. This service is designed to perform large series.

Our solutions meet the highest quality standards and the most demanding precision needs.

Advantages of CNC machining

CNC machining offers great advantages, among them, the fact that different actions can be carried out on the same part, and this saves time; favouring the speed, precision and efficiency of the production of the pieces, in addition to a repeatability of measurements impossible to achieve manually.

On the other hand, this technique is very safe,since it is the computer software that directs the machinery, with which the technician is not in direct contact with the tools and the risk of suffering an accident during the manufacture of the parts is reduced.

Another benefit of CNC machining is that it allows you to create complex parts, achieving a highly accurate, reliable and high-quality result. And it is also possible to reduce the amount of metal waste, allowing greater use of the material; thanks to the fact that the CNC centers can work with metals that appear in different types, such as different types of bars, blocks, or parts previously manufactured with other processes.

What is our CNC machining service?

The CNC machining process, Computer Numerical Control, is an advanced technology that consists of the manufacture of parts using an automated computer system. A series of instructions are established in a computer program, and these are directed to the machinery (the machining center or machining lathe) to manufacture the piece or pieces; Different operations can be performed on the same part.

We carry out the machining of CNC parts in small, medium or large series, we offer from partial CNC machining to foundry or stamping products.

We also manufacture complete products from scratch through our raw materials, and we work with different metals as well as technical plastics.

Mecanizados CNC
Ofrecemos valor añadido: fundición y estampación de metales

We offer added value

To provide our customers with a comprehensive solution, we offer added value alongside the CNC machining process, our metal casting and metal stamping services.

We carry out gravity casting of ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as aluminium, brass and iron. The process of casting can have two varieties: gravity die casting or by sand casting.

Furthermore we offer our hot and cold stamping service, as well as the die-cutting and deformation of metals with dies and presses.

Manufacture of machined parts

When we talk about the manufacture of machined parts, we refer to the process of making parts through the subtraction of material. In other words, the objective of machining parts is to transform raw material parts that are raw, eliminating excess material in a controlled manner until they are given the desired shape and final size.

Machining types

To create a machined part, the process can be carried out in two ways: by abrasion or by removal.

Abrasion machining

Abrasion machining consists of applying a wear on the part in small quantities, thus achieving that small particles of the material are released.

Machining by chip removal

Machining by chip removal, as its name suggests, consists of removing or cutting the material of a part with a tool, giving rise to waste, called chips, and which is separated from the part with the same tool.

Machining by abrasion or chip removal are not the only options. In some metal alloys, such as steel, machining can be done by hot or cold rolling, or by forging or welding. There are also other machining methods, such as stamping, drawing, bending, drawing and extrusion.

Machining operations

The production of machined parts is carried out on semi-finished products or raw materials that are presented in blocks, such as round bars, square bars or ingots.

From the raw material, a series of machining operations can be carried out, of which we can highlight the most frequent: turning, drilling and milling.


Turning is a process that consists of rotating the workpiece to remove excess material. The throne is the machinery used in this machining operation, and allows the cutting and rotation movement necessary for each piece to be carried out.


Milling is based on polishing holes through the movement of a rotary tool that has several cutting edges and is called a milling cutter. The milling process is carried out with milling machines, although it is also possible to do it with lathes or drills.


Drilling is a machining operation that consists of making holes of the same diameter and with the depth that we need. Drilling can be done with milling machines, drills or lathes.
The machining of parts is a type of process that is necessary for any industry that requires the creation of a part. Mainly the sectors in which it is most used is in the electronic and mechanical sector.

At Talleres MAF we are specialized in machining parts for all types of industries and for all types of clients. If you need personalized advice, do not hesitate to call us.

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