Housings and parts for electric motors

At Talleres MAF we are specialists in the design and manufacture of housings and parts for electric motors; we offer solutions that adapt to the needs of our clients.

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We are experts in
housings and parts for electric motors

Since we started our professional career in 1985, we have focused our efforts on developing professional solutions for the electrical distribution sector. And so we are experts in housings and parts for electric motors.

Our company is made up of a team of professionals with great determination and a great spirit of self-improvement, whose objective is to create unique and high-quality electrical products that exceed the expectations of all our clients.

We offer customized solutions

We offer our clients an added value, and that is that we offer personalized solutions. We want each client who trusts our company to find the product that best suits their needs, and that will provide maximum tranquillity and efficiency for their electricity projects.

Through our advisory service, we analyse the needs of each client to develop and design housings and/or parts for electric motors that meet their requirements; our electrical products are manufactured using the most advanced machinery and the most effective processes.

Our designs of housings and
parts for electric motors

Within our designs of housings and parts for electric motors there are different possibilities, among which each client will find the most suitable for their project. At Talleres MAF we make custom designs for each client.

As experts in electrical distribution, we have a wide variety of options, and we offer our housings and parts in different types of materials, designs and finishes; Each product that is manufactured in our workshop is subjected to demanding quality and resistance tests, to guarantee its effectiveness and durability.

piezas motores eléctricos

Our team of professionals is specialized in designing all kinds of housings and parts for electric motors. We design our products based on the characteristics required by each client, thus offering greater precision and total guarantee.

We use different types of materials for the manufacture of our products, and your choice will be decided based on the customer’s needs and the quality, design and specification requirements that the electrical product must have.

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