From Talleres MAF we explain what hot metal stamping is and what applications it has, as specialists in hot stamping and machining in Barcelona.

There are two types of metal stamping, cold stamping and hot stamping. The difference between the two is the temperature applied to deform the metal. Depending on the type of material we are working with, one or the other may be more advisable. And this may also depend on the stamping work to be done. In today’s post we want to talk about the second one.

Definition of hot stamping


Hot stamping is the process of using heat and pressure to apply a metallic strip or hologram to a wide variety of materials. It is precisely this high temperature that allows for further deformation of the part.

The deformation of the metal within the hot stamping process generates a change in the size or shape of the material. This is due to the very process of thermal expansion that occurs as a result of the application of heat, which needs to be controlled to achieve certain results.

Hot stamping does not only require high temperatures to induce a higher degree of roughness in the materials we want to work with. It is also necessary to take into account other basic aspects to achieve a satisfactory result. We are talking about aspects such as the malleability of the material, which to a greater or lesser degree can end up affecting the precision of the finish.

In any case, it is necessary to assess the needs that arise in order to be able to carry out a quality hot stamping that meets the objective set by the customer.


What hot stamping is used for


Depending on the application, hot stamping can be used in a very wide range of products, either to produce decorative finishes or luxury items for a wide range of industries, ranging from decoration to furniture, to highly durable materials in different fields such as the automotive industry and the architectural sector, which involves greater resistance to more demanding conditions than others.

It is worth noting that the sector where hot stamping has a greater and growing importance is the automotive industry. In this sector, this technology has quickly become the perfect complement to the cold moulding of many parts. By using a heated sheet that forms and hardens quickly in the die, the resulting parts are larger, stronger and more complex than ever before. This means fewer structural parts are needed in a vehicle, resulting in a reduction of about 30 to 40 per cent in the weight of individual parts. All this justifies the great role that this technique has played and continues to play in the development of the automotive industry.

Another example of work that can be done with hot metal stamping are handles for bicycles or motorbikes.



Now you know what hot metal stamping is and what applications it has. At Talleres MAF we are specialists in hot stamping and machining in Barcelona, and in a personalised way. If you need the best, contact our team and we will be happy to help you. We are waiting for you!