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Talleres MAF is a company specialized in the manufacture of grounding material, with over 30 years experience in the electrical distribution sector.

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We are experts in grounding material

We are experts in grounding equipment; we offer our clients different solutions developed by a highly qualified team of professionals with a long professional career.

Our electrical products are made from superior quality materials and with the most sophisticated and advanced machinery.

We offer customized solutions

We want to reach the maximum number of clients and satisfy their needs, for this reason we offer customized solutions that meet the requirements of each electricity project.

We have technicians who offer advice to guide our clients about the exact type of grounding material they need, to carry out their electrical work in complete safety and efficiency.

Our grounding material catalogue

Within our grounding material catalogue we offer different professional solutions, manufactured using the most advanced techniques. Our company remains at the forefront of all developments in the electricity distribution sector, and we design electrical products that exceed all expectations.

We guarantee maximum security and reliability, and a tailored service for each client with which you will obtain the best results.

Grounding connectors

We are manufacturers of grounding connectors, and offer different models of copper or copper steel wire or cable connections with earth rod.

This range of grounding materials is intended to provide a secure connection for the supply of electricity services; they are specially designed for high electrical conductivity and offer great resistance.

Power connectors

Our power connectors for transformers are manufactured under the strictest safety standards and with superior quality materials.

We have a wide range of connectors for mounting for all kinds of projects; and they are an easy to assemble, safe and reliable solution.

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Connectors for electrical cables

We offer a wide catalogue of connectors for all types of unions necessary in electrical distribution.

Our connectors are specially designed for electrical distribution, making them practical, safe and agile in assembly.

Registration boxes

We are manufacturers of a wide range of register boxes for electrical installations.

We offer wall and surface mount boxes, waterproof boxes, and also exterior and interior register boxes, so that each client can count on the most suitable solution for his project.


We provide our customers with a wide variety of terminals for cable ties or compression terminals, among others.

Grounding clamps

At Talleres MAF we manufacture different types of clamps for grounding, to make a safe and efficient connection.

Our staples are manufacturedwith high quality materials, and offer a perfect result for all types of electrical distribution jobs.

Copper Rods

We offer a wide range of copper rods for earthing, suitable for different types of surfaces such as filler, clayey soil, sandy soil…

For high resistance and acid soils, we have solid copper bars. And for low resistivity soils we have copper rods with a steel core.

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