Wire Welding

In our company we are experts in wire welding, we have a team of technicians specialized in performing this technique with the greatest precision and efficiency possible.

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Our wire welding

Through our wire welding service, we have specialized in the manufacture of small and medium metal fittings; through manual techniques for series of small units, or through automated processes with welding robots for the production of large series of products.

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Advantages of wire welding

The wire welding technique offers great advantages, such as the fact that you can weld all kinds of parts and in any position that is necessary; At Talleres MAF we managed to manufacture small metal structures, as well as small and medium format hardware.

This type of process allows obtaining clean and professionally finished results; since hardly any weld slag is generated.

Wire welding can be carried out either manually to produce a single piece or small series, or by automated process in the case of large series.

What is our wire welding

Our wire welding service is a technique in which we use sophisticated welding equipment to obtain, using heat, strong and efficient metal joints. They are made with welding machines or welding stations.

And for this we have the best equipment, among them gas wire welder, or continuous wire welder; we carry out different types of welds; spot welding, wire welding for aluminium, tin welding, manual spot welding…

We manufacture small and medium metal fittings with wire welding, using manual processes in the case of small series or automated processes with welding robots in the production of large series.

We adapt to the needs of our customers

We carry out all kinds of projects, whether small, medium or large series, we adapt to the needs of our clients.

We offer a personalized service and design specific solutions for each client, so that you can count on a profitable and efficient option.

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