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Who we are at Talleres MAF, S.A.: a company founded in 1985 with the aim of offering a specialised service to our customers. We have extensive experience in CNC machining, as well as in manufacturing for the electrical distribution and railway sectors, and since we began our professional career, we have maintained a constant spirit of improvement in our services. And thanks to this, today we offer a comprehensive and high quality service.

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Why choosing us?

Customers who already trust our solutions know why to choose us. We are a company, which is committed to offering a complete, innovative service that meets the needs of each client. We collaborate in the development of products for our clients, but above all we provide solutions to existing problems.


Our work is based on the professionalism of our team of experts, every day we strive to improve our solutions and satisfy the needs of each of our clients.


We have more than 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing unique products on the market, with innovative materials and through the most advanced techniques and processes.


The quality of our products is such that today we are a benchmark company in our sector. Our specialists develop specific solutions, which are ISO certified; We have the UNE – EN – ISO 9001-2008 certificate in the field of application to the development and manufacture of mechanical components and assemblies.


We manufacture a wide variety of products using innovative solutions, with the most innovative materials and processes on the market; we remain at the forefront of our sector and constantly improve our CNC machining.

Our added value


We have the most advanced machinery and first-class equipment to offer the best results in the shortest possible time and with exceptional quality.

Personalized service

We work with our clients forming a team, to satisfy their needs through reliable, profitable solutions and through technical advice.


We work for all industrial sectors, we have specific equipment to create specific solutions; from parts for trains to connectors, parts for electric motors or transformers.

ISO Certification

We have UNEI – EN – ISO 9001-2008 certification in the field of application to the development and manufacture of mechanical components and assemblies.
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