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In our company we manufacture bimetal connectors with superior quality materials and through the most advanced techniques to guarantee safety, reliability and efficiency.

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bimetal connectors

At Talleres MAF we are experts in bimetal connectors, we have more than 30 years of experience in the design and production of electrical products. Our solutions are developed by a team of highly qualified professionals,providing a long professional career in the electrical distribution sector.

We carry out periodic market research to find out the requirements and needs of our clients, in order to design solutions that offer the best results for their electricity projects.

We offer customized solutions

If something differentiates us from the rest of the companies in our sector, it is that in our company we offer personalized solutions. And thanks to this, today we are a reference company for hundreds of professionals looking for unique electrical products in the market.

We adapt to our clients and adjust our solutions to their needs; our effort and daily consistency allow us to continue advancing and improving. We make our advisory service available to professionals to guide them about which type of bimetal connector is the most suitable for their project.

Our catalogue of bimetal connectors

In our catalogue of bimetal connectors we have created a wide selection of high quality and completely safe options; we know how important it is to have the confidence and tranquillity of carrying out electricity work with resistant materials, that have successfully passed quality controls, and that comply with current regulations.

Our bimetal connectors are designed by a group of specialists to ensure high precision in all types of projects.

conectores de aluminio

We use sophisticated machinery and high quality materials to manufacture our products. We are a team of specialists who develop solutions based on innovation to remain at the forefront of the electrical distribution sector.

The connectors we manufacture are designed in two different bodies, one of which is made of aluminium and the other of bronze to achieve maximum connectivity between copper cables and aluminium cables. The union of both is made by means of a plate made up of the two metals to isolate one material from the other and prevent the galvanic corrosion that usually affects this type of connectors.

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