Today, from Talleres MAF, a stamping and machining company, we tell you what can be done with the Gamei Stamping Press, one of our most important machines.

A stamping press is a machine that is used to carry out a manufacturing process of metal parts, by being compressed between two moulds. It is a type of manufacture in which a metal is subjected to progressive or percussive pressure, in which the moulds play a fundamental role, using one sliding and one fixed mould.

What is this machine used for?

The Gamei Stamping Press can be used for analogue or digital printing techniques, however, generally the base and plate must be joined manually.

Among its most well-known or used formats and shapes, we can find the flat printing presses for t-shirts, plate presses, cap presses, bowl presses and the multiple presses, of which the latter is the most used because it offers various functions.

Its use is focused on the elaboration and manufacture of stamped parts, of doors, systems or parts for roofs or doors, hinges, hemming machines, covers and lids of boots.

They are used in different working environments, but are mostly known for their participation in the manufacture of elements related to bodywork and the automotive field.

Automotive sector

Stamping machines are used in the most important processes of the automotive industries, used to work on the steel plate in the mould through the pressure energy it produces.

Thanks to this process it is possible to manufacture the parts for the structure and the housings of the cars.

That is to say, through different moulds, the automotive stamping presses are responsible for contributing to the creation of the cars, based on the pressure of the steel plate in different parts and shaping them.

Mould making industry

Stamping presses are used for the production of all those objects such as trays, internal parts, decorations, covers, protectors, among others.

In short, they are used to make tools, instruments or objects that are used for a specific activity or trade.

Creation of external parts or bodies

These machines are also used to contribute to the construction and creation of elements or parts that make up the external structure that integrates the different types of vehicles.

All these elements contribute to give form and also utility to the chassis or the platform of the vehicles, and to the basic structure of the same ones.

Manufacture of industrial tanks

Similarly, printing press machines are used to make or manufacture tanks of a variety of sizes and shapes that are usually used in industries or companies.

These types of tanks are made of large size metals and also have a fairly strong consistency.

This type of machinery is really useful for companies that manufacture metal parts; thanks to them, starting from force and deformation mechanisms, the work pieces or assemblies are made.


You know now what can be done with the Gamei Stamping Press. If you need a high quality hot stamping service for different metals, at Talleres MAF we provide it, guaranteeing its safety, reliability and efficiency; we even offer customised solutions. All you have to do is contact our team and we will be happy to help you. We are waiting for you!